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Hello! My name is Fábio, I’m a self made author of The Lazy Vegan Cookbook, recipe tester and entrepreneur.

Today, I’m bringing you a simple and quick vegan recipe: “Bulhão Pato Mushrooms” 🙂

Named after the poet Bulhão Pato, who loved so much the dish that he mentioned it in his writings.

This traditional Portuguese sauce is commonly served with clams, so replacing the clams with mushrooms is the vegan take on the recipe and the right thing to do.

Enjoy this traditional reinvention by exploring the tender mushroom texture along with the wine and lemon punch.

A truly comforting food in any season.

4 People

30 minutes

Vegan Portuguese

Level: Easy

What you need

4 cups (400 g) mushrooms

8 garlic cloves

1¼ cups (300 ml) white wine

1 lemon

2 handfuls coriander (cilantro)

olive oil and salt to taste

How it goes

1. Peel and mince the garlic cloves and slice the mushrooms. Pour a dash of olive oil in a large pan. Cook over medium heat until the garlic starts releasing its fragrances.

2. Add the mushrooms and season with salt to taste. Sauté for about 5 minutes or until they start losing their water.

3. Add the white wine, a generous handful of the coriander and plenty of juice from the lemon.

4. Let cook until the mushrooms are tender. If it becomes too dry add more white wine.

Enjoy this delightful meal with a cup of tea or any other beverage that you like the most.

Being Portuguese, I recommend that you taste these mushrooms with a fantastic green wine (exclusive from Portugal).

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About the Author


I’ve worked full-time as commercials filmmaker in Portugal before being struck by a vegan mind shift that turned me into a self made author and entrepreneur.

Being always hungry, and looking to simplify my daily life, I learned how to cook through numerous books and hours of practice, allowing me to bring many easy and delicious recipe to my first book: The Lazy Vegan Cookbook, which will soon be brought into the world.

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