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If you are visiting or living in Portugal, first of all: Welcome and congratulations! You will now experience another level of affection, love, and welcoming. Portuguese people have (in general) have warm hearts and LOVE to receive guests. Even the oldest one in town will try their best to talk to you in English. But do you know how to make them easily happy? Try to say some words in our language! I guarantee it will be much appreciated.

To help you, we thought about creating a basic list of expressions to help you to speak some Portuguese. Do you wanna order in Portuguese? Thank that super nice waiter? You are in the right blog.

So let’s get started with some of the pretty basic stuff:

É uma bica se faz favor!

How to order food in Portuguese (basic level)

  1. Hello – This one it’s peanuts, you just need to say: “Olá”

  2. Good morning/ Good afternoon/ Goodnight – In Portuguese “Bom Dia” can be used during the morning and afternoon, but you can also say “boa tarde” after the midday. When the night arrives we always say “boa noite”.

  3. Please, can I have a coffee? – “Queria um café, por favor.”

  4. Can I see the menu, please? – “Posso ver o menú, por favor?”

  5. I would like to lunch/ have dinner – “Gostaria de almoçar/ jantar”

  6. What do you have to drink? – “O que tem para beber?”

  7. Thank you very much – “Muito obrigado”

  8. Can you please show me where is the toilet? – “Onde é a casa de banho, por favor?”

  9. I’m ok, thanks – Estou bem, obrigada

  10. Would like to have just some starters – Gostaríamos (if you are in a group) de apenas petiscar.



One important note to take is that “Petiscos” and “Tapas” are very different things in our gastronomic culture. They are both originated in the Iberian Peninsula, but the experience of eating “Petiscos” is really different. “Tapas” it’s considered a small piece of bread that are served with different tasty toppings, they are so famous that you can find them all around the world. But something you can only find in this little piece of land called Portugal it’s called Petiscos. An amazing diversity of entries, snacks, and small dishes that will make your mouth cry for more. In order words, we invented a way to eat many delicious dishes in small portions. How genius is that?

Some basic vocabulary:

Meat- Carne

Fish – Peixe

Vegetables – Vegetais

Seafood – Marisco

Salad – Salada

Water – Água

Wine – Vinho

Beer – Cerveja – If you are in Lisboa you can say also “Imperial”
and in Porto we call it “Fino”

Cofee – Café

Cofee with milk – Café pingado

Tea- Chá

Dessert- Sobremesa

Toilets – Casa de banho

Tip – Gorjeta

The numbers:

1. Um

2. Dois

3. Três

4. Quatro

5. Cinco

6. Seis

7. Sete

8. Oito

9. Nove

10. Dez

We hope you will find this helpful. Good luck enjoying our country or, as we say, Boa sorte!

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