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Portuguese food is becoming well known worldwide.

The rush to visit the country for its diversity of culinary culture it’s not only boosting local businesses but also improving traditional recipes – making delicious gourmet meals.

Yes, Lisbon is becoming a top foodie destination in Europe, not only for its mouth watering food and diversity, but also for all the restaurants and food experiences popping up all over the city. From world food restaurants, traditional Portuguese cuisine and gourmet Portuguese cuisine, food tours, to supper clubs and cooking classes – you name we have it!

If you travel for food, Portugal will become one of your favorite destinations.

In this article, we chose traditional Portuguese cuisine classes, pastry classes and (our most dearest one) vegan cooking classes. All foodie experiences have vegetarian and gluten-free options.

All the experiences mentioned in this article include meals – participants eat what they have just learn to cook.

Have a look at the 5 Lisbon Cooking Classes we think every foodie traveler should take when visiting Lisbon:

1. Pastel de Nata Workshop

Bloggers and writing about it, vloggers are cooking it and every food tour includes a taste of this unique Portuguese pastry.

The traditional “Pastel de Nata” (Portuguese custard tart) is not only a must try when visiting Portugal, but it’s also a must do cooking class in Lisbon.

Learning the secrets of this traditional pastry with Ana & Gonçalo is a morning well spent.

They also teach an extra Portuguese sweet according to the season. Soft drinks (coffee, tea, water and juice) are included as well.

One of the reasons people do the Pastel de Nata Cooking Class is that they are giving the skills to bake it at home. Ana teaches a secret recipe that allows people to bake the Pastel de Nata like professionals.

Vegan Pastel de Nata Cooking Class is also available

2. Portuguese Cuisine Cooking Class with Visit to Market

Fan of Portuguese food? Well, it’s time to learn how to cook it!

This experience starts with a visit to the local market. Ana will teach how Portuguese choose the local ingredients according to the season, the smell and texture. It’s truly a fun ride 🙂

After the market, you will learn to prepare a seafood and meat dish the exact way the Portuguese do it at home.

Depending on the season, you will cook the traditional “cataplana“, a codfish dish or a traditional meet stew. Wine pairing is included as well as lunch.

But wait, there is an extra: you will also learn how to bake a traditional Portuguese sweet – and it will be the dessert.

This cooking class has vegetarian and gluten-free options available

Let me just say that I’ve attended to several cooking classes with Ana and I find it incredible how she always has curiosities about Portuguese food to share with people. Her passion for food and for what she does makes you feel that you are cooking with a friend.

3. Portuguese Cooking Class with Dinner Included

Looking to relax after work or after a day exploring Lisbon? This cooking class is perfect for you!

It’s a great alternative to an evening at a crowded restaurant, and you get to learn traditional Portuguese recipes while meeting other foodies.

This class is also hosted by Ana & Gonçalo and although it doesn’t have a visit to the market, it has dinner and wine pairing included.

You will also learn to prepare a Portuguese dessert.

The meal may depend on the season as Ana & Gonçalo absolutely love to use local products.

This cooking class has vegetarian and gluten-free options available

4. Vegan Portuguese Cuisine Cooking Class

Let me start by saying that Sofia is someone every foodie traveler should meet. Take my word on this one.

Her passion for healthy food and her relaxed lifestyle will inspire you. She is dedicating her life to her bio farm in Sintra and to sustainability.

This cooking class takes place at Sofia’s farm, and lucky for you, it has an ocean view!

So besides eating organic, you can clean your energies with delicious vegan food, fresh air and a delightful view.

Now, what is Vegan Portuguese food? As a traveler – and foodie – Sofia is a master Chef when it comes to test recipes.

So imagine all those traditional Portuguese recipes of meat and fish, turned into 100% plant-based meals.

Curious? Give it a try!

5. Vegan African Cuisine Cooking Class

There are so many reasons why you should take this vegan cooking class. Yet, on the top of my mind I can only think of the best one: the food is finger licking good.

Portugal has a long history with Africa, if you visit Lisbon and pay close attention to the streets and signs you will see a lot of heritage with the continent.

This cooking class is also hosted by Sofia at her bio farm in Sintra

Sofia was born in Tunisia. Despite being the daughter of Portuguese people, her parents use to travel around the world.

Sofia end up growing up curious and passionate by other cultures, specially North Africa. So this cooking class is all about learning the best North African recipes that are still present in Sofia’s mind and heart.

Be ready for a fantastic 4h cooking class with meal and ocean view included!

I hope you enjoyed to learn more about our cooking classes in Lisbon. Like I always say, food is the best way to discover a country’s culture 🙂

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