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If you are on a diet, oh dear… You are going to have a difficult time visiting Portugal.

One of the strongest reasons to love this country is our gastronomy and, believe us… we know a lot about eating 🙂

You can find amazing gourmet restaurants and new age food but if you want a good advice, you must try our traditional dishes.

Spanish call it tapas, we call it “petiscos”: an amazing diversity of entries, snacks, and small dishes that will make your taste buds ask for more.

Portuguese gastronomy it’s included on the Mediterranean diet – Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO – but has also Atlantic roots.

Seafood, shellfish, cheeses, breads, olive oils and a variety of meat are everywhere combined with tasty vegetables cooked in thousand different ways.

To help you choose, we made a top list of the best Lisbon Food.

Here’s our 8 Must Try “petiscos“:

1. Pastel de Nata

In 2011, Pastel de Belém was elected one of the 7 Wonders of Portuguese Gastronomy.

This traditional delicacy it’s also known as “Pastel de Nata” and it can be easy to find at any coffee shop or supermarket.

If you are visiting Lisbon, before tasting any Pastel de Nata, give the original one try: Rua de Belém nº 84 .

Our personal opinion, is that the best “Pastel de Nata” is from pastry shops such as Aloma and Manteigaria.

As most traditional recipes created in Portuguese monasteries and convents, the Pastel de Nata is mostly made from eggs and sugar – ingredients that makes it taste like heaven!

The Portuguese custard tart is so famous that it’s probably at the top of “must-try” lists for anyone visiting Portugal.

And if you are wondering if it is something the Portuguese really eat, YES, it’s deliciously part of our diet 🙂

Nowadays, you can actually learn to bake this delicious pastry. There’s a Pastel de Nata Workshop available and there’s even a vegan version! Spoiler alert: they are both delicious!

2. Pastel de Bacalhau

You know, codfish is our biggest crush.

We know one thousand ways of cooking this awesome Atlantic fellow and, we have to admit, “Pastel de Bacalhau” or “Bolinho de Bacalhau” is one of our favorite. You can find it everywhere, from restaurants to cafes or at any grandma house!

It’s made of potatoes, parsley, eggs and, of course, codfish. To get the shape, cooks usually use spoons – really interesting to see.

Here’s a curiosity: Portugal doesn’t fish codfish because we don’t have it in our seas. Our main supplier is Norway. Recipes are 100% Portuguese though!

The delicious “Pastel de Bacalhau” can be eaten as a snack or as a meal – it’s most commonly cooked with tomato rice.

Secret tip: if you are planing on visiting Baixa-Chiado, find the restaurant “Caneca de Prata” and ask for a red green wine with a “Pastel de Bacalhau“.

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3. Amêijoas à Bulhão Pato

Oh, my! If you are a seafood fan you will fall in love with Portugal.

These clams are one of our favorite recipes in the Portuguese cooking art.

Amêijoas à Bulhão Pato” has its origin from the western center of our country and the oldest told us that the name honors a poet.

It’s perfect to eat as an appetizer once it’s made of the extraordinary mix of clams, garlic, olive oil and white wine.

Our personal tip: Portuguese seafood is delicious when combined with green wine such as “Alvarinho” or “Loureiro“.

There are two places that we recommend going for shellfish dishes in LisbonCervejaria Ramiro and Rui dos Pregos.

BUT, if you enjoy eating really fresh and delicious seafood and shellfish, we recommend that you join Ana on a day trip from Lisbon to Sesimbra, a fishing village at only 40 minutes from Lisbon.

Ana will teach you the history of Portuguese fishing, there’s a visit to the local market and to the museum. The best part is the lunch: you get to taste 9 different seafood and shellfish dishes.

4. Pica Pau

Meat lovers be like: “At last!”

Well, dear meat lovers, the Portuguese taverns have a special care for “Pica Pau“.

This beef dish is made of meat fried in small pieces with pickles. The sauce is so delicious that the Portuguese love to dip bread in it.

The traditional recipe has pork but it can also be made with beef.

Carmo restaurant in Chiado has the finest gourmet “Pica Pau“.

Now the real local tip: if you want to taste a (very!) traditional “Pica Pau” dish, you should go where the locals go.

So we recommend that you put on your best shoes and walk all the way up to Padaria do Povo – a super secret place in Campo de Ourique.

Order this dish with a jar of red wine, bread and some french fries. You know how to welcome us 😉

This authentic, twentieth century, place serves other delicious traditional meat and seafood dishes.

It can get quite crowded by locals, so we recommend that you either go early or book a table.

5. Prego & Bifana

We have two favorite meat sandwiches: “Prego em Bolo do Caco” (in the picture) and “Bifana“.

Bolo do Caco”, is a Madeira Island original. It’s a typical wheat bread that is served with pork meat and garlic.

In Portugal mainland, we combine this sweet bread with beef meat and call it: “Prego em Bolo de Caco”.

Visiting Funchal to taste the original bread (and other flavors) is always a GREAT idea. But since you are visiting Lisbon for now, we recommend the restaurant “Restaurante Típico Ilha da Madeira” in Campo de Ourique.

“Prego” (beef) can also be served as a dish. Without the bread, it has french fries and a fried egg to go with it.

One of the best restaurants to eat this dish is “Rui dos Pregos” (mentioned before for seafood as well).

Bifana” is a pork sandwich. It’s very common to see Portuguese people eating this sandwich before or after a football match.

Beer is always a must when tasting this traditional delicacy.

The best place to get a “bifana” in Lisbon is “Casa das Bifanas” in Rossio.

6. Azeitonas Curtidas

Curtidas” is a term for one traditional treatment of olives in order to become edible.

In order to be able to eat the olives, we have to tan it so they can lose their characteristic bitter taste.

It evolves simple ingredients such as water and salt and Portuguese people love it.

7. Tremoços

Oh, lupines…You are going to find them literally everywhere.

Portuguese can’t resist eating some well-cooked “tremoços” (lupins) while drinking beer, and that is for sure a native experience.

Before they are sold to the public, lupin beans need to be cooked and salted for days, so expect it to have a slightly strong flavor.

Probably the first question when you lupin beans for the first time is: “how do I eat this?”.

The instinct is to eat it with the peel, and that’s ok! But we usually take a small bite first to peel it off with their fingers, pressing the outside as the bean goes into your mouth.

There’s no secret places to eat “tremoços“.

Nevertheless, if you are looking to be amazed with some architecture, art and culture while enjoying a drink, “Casa do Alentejo” gives it for free if you buy a beer.

8. Chouriço Assado

If you like pork meat, Portugal will probably become your second home.

Chouriço” is a roasted sausage. Usually it’s grilled in front of people which is a delight for photography lovers.

A delicacy that can be easily found at any restaurant, but few do the fire trick.

Take note on where to go: Frei Petisco, Tasca do Chico and Tasca do Jaime D’Alfama.

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