Sintra on a Food Walk

03h00 1 - 10

I'm a foodie who happens to love history and I know just the best places to eat “petiscos” in Sintra. Join me on a walking tour to learn about Sintra's palaces, its unique architecture and discover streets marked by stories.

We will taste dishes such as “morcela” (black pudding) with pineapple, “queijo da serra” (cheese) with ham, octopus with caramelized onion sauce and codfish fried rolls with arugula. Local pastries are included as well: the traditional “Travesseiros de Sintra” (a sweet made of puff pastry with a filling of almond cream) and “queijada” Sintra pillow and the delicious “queijada” (made from fresh cheese, sugar, eggs, flour and a little cinnamon wrapped in a crispy batter). Vegetarian options available. 

Ready to explore one of the most iconic villages of Portugal through its food?

Vegetarian options available.

  • Lunch (local “petiscos”: dishes of traditional Portuguese food)
  • Drinks (water, juices or wine and coffee)
  • Local sweets and “Ginjinha” (cherry liqueur)
  • Vegetarian options available

  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Bring a jacket (even if it's summer)

Sintra National Palace, main door