Pico-Nic: Azores Food With a View

03h00 1 - -12
azores food.jpg

<p>Join me for a picnic of local flavors, surrounded by nature and discover unique places that only locals know about. </p><p>All ingredients that are part of this meal are made on the island and contain gluten, dairy products and others. </p><p>In case of food intolerances, it is possible to adapt the ingredients.</p>

<ul><li>Pick up & drop off from your accommodation </li><li>Picnic with local products (jams, bread, honey, cheese, wine, liqueur, sausage, tuna)</li></ul>

<ul><li>Bring comfortable shoes and a coat </li><li>In summer wear a hat and sunscreen </li><li>If you have food allergies, let me know so I can adapt the ingredients</li></ul>

Pico Island, Portugal, Pico Island, Portugal