Azores Wine Tasting

08h00 1 - 8
azores food wine.jpg

<p>Join me on a day trip to get to know the local wines and liqueurs, in an experience that includes UNESCO World Heritage award winning landscapes. </p><p>Pico is one of the most beautiful islands in Azores, it is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and has vineyards considered protected landscapes, providing the most unique wines. I will also explain the history and the local traditions along a visit to the Wine Museum. </p><p> During the experience, enjoy five red and white wine tastings(of three different varieties), as well as a liqueur tasting, and relax with a lunch of traditional Azores flavors.</p>

<ul><li>Pick up & drop off from your accommodation </li><li>Visit to two vineyards (protected landscape) </li><li>5 Wine tastings (red, white and liqueur) at a local cooperative and at a local winery </li><li>Visit to the Wine Museum Lunch at a traditional restaurant (traditional food fro the Azores)</li></ul>

<ul><li>Bring comfortable shoes and a coat </li><li>In summer wear a hat and sunblock</li></ul>

Pico Island, Portugal, Azores